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Benefits of Boating, Part 2

Lillipad Marine has been making the best diving boards for boats for years for the express purpose of adding to your boating experience. Boating is fun, exciting, thrilling, and relaxing to name just a few of the benefits. In this blog post, we’ll continue our series on the benefits of boating by adding in just a few. Continue reading, and then visit our website to order your boat diving board or your marine funnel today!




  • Gives you a reason to venture forth and conquer. It can be so easy on the weekends to just stay home and rest from a long day at work, running the kids to and fro, and taking the new puppy for walks. Most of your weekdays are packed with just enough time to sleep and recharge for the next day. Having a boat, however, will give you reason to leave your home, venture forth, and visit places you’ve never visited before. From a nearby lake to your local fishing hole, going places you haven’t been will be worth the extra work, as you’ll feel invigorated for the next work week.
  • Learn a new skill. Many people don’t consider how hard it is to learn to drive a boat. Boats are often thought of as a car on water, so how hard can it be? Lillipad Marine warns that there is definitely a learning curve to learning to drive a boat (and an even bigger learning curve to loading your boat). However, driving a boat is part of the fun of boating. Once you’re experienced, you can cut the waves like a pro and throw your kids for a loop. Besides just driving the boat, there are so many other things you will learn while boating, from learning how to water ski to learning about knots and the lake environment. With boating, you will never stop learning, which is why it appeals to so many.
  • Fun! Boating is just plain fun, from jumping for hours off our boat diving boards to tubing, fishing, and water skiing, you will spend the whole day going from activity to activity without hearing one time the ubiquitous “I’m bored” from your kids. Whether you just plan to read a book or you plan to be in and out of the water all day, it’s hard to find an activity as exciting as boating.
  • Escape the connected world. The great things about boating are that it’s on water and internet and cell service are spotty. This means you’ll have to unplug for a little while, which is frankly what we all need to do a bit more of. Spending real time with your family and being in nature away from whatever is happening in other virtual worlds helps to keep us grounded in who we are and where we want to go.
  • Reset for the week ahead. A weekend boating can be some of the best rest and relaxation for the buck. We can become so engrossed in our roles at work and in our families that we don’t spend enough time getting our creative juices flowing, which can lead to burnout. Any type of escape from your weekday routine is helpful for all areas of your health.
  • Fresh air and vitamin D. Being cooped up inside all day is not good for our health. Kids and adults alike need to go outside every day for some fresh air and vitamin D just to stay healthy and keep our sanity. Being outdoors has been shown to help you focus better, boost your immune system, and boost your energy levels. Plus, all of the water smells, as well as the shore smells is basically aromatherapy on drugs. You will instantly feel better just from being outdoors all day, and you can soak up the sun’s rays for the long week ahead.
  • Relaxation. The sound of lapping waves soothes our soul because our brain hears so many different frequencies of waves that it combines these frequencies to be one, soothing single sound. When we hear many sounds, such as from a rock band, our brain has to concentrate more, so it’s not innately soothing. The sound of waves also blocks out other, less attractive noises, which allows us to relax with just our thoughts.
  • Inspiring. Nature has been and will always be inspiring for humans. The nightly stars make us wonder where we came from and what’s out there. The interplay of the deer in the meadow who are chased by the wolf on the prowl fascinates us. The fish who live underwater and the frogs who live in both make us wonder what it would be like to live in water. From rainbows to waterfalls and lightning and the sun, humans are inspired by all that they see and experience around them — to write poetry, to live a better, more productive life, to not take things (or people) for granted, and to be thankful for the opportunity to be on a boat with a Lillipad diving board in the middle of a lake with nature all around. You can be inspired, too.



As you’ve seen, there are countless benefits to boating that it’s no wonder more and more are partaking of this recreational activity. Lillipad Marine’s mission is to help you have an even more enjoyable adventure boating with your friends and family by providing the best boat diving boards and the best marine funnels to refuel from your adventures. Made from the highest-quality materials and backed by our top-notch customer service, Lillipad Marine has got you covered. 


In addition to the best diving boards for boats and marine funnels for your boat, Lillipad Marine offers a protective cover for your boat diving board when not in use, as well as replacement grip tape because of your constant use. We sell everything you need to attach both our Lillipad Diving Board and Marine Funnel to your boat, including the modular brackets. We sell platform mounting pins, surface and under mount kits, as well as a longer hose for your Marine Funnel. It’s safe to say if you order your boat diving board and Marine Funnel from us, you’ll be sure to have all of the replacement component parts available when you need them. We even offer a Marine Funnel Mounting Post Kit so you can mount your Marine Funnel wherever you need it.


Visit our website today for your amazing boat diving boards or marine funnel, or find us in select dealers around the country!