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Boat Diving Boards and Boating Activities

A fun summer activity that a family can do in the summer is to go boating. A boat adventure is a great way to bond with friends and family.

There are several activities that you can do when you go boating. Lillipad Marine, your source for boat diving boards, offers family boating activities.

Slalom Skiing

Go ahead and kick away one of your skis and do some slalom skiing. This is for people who are experienced skiers, it is a lot of fun and people enjoy watching a good ski show.


If you know how to waterski, then you should have no problem trying some wakeboarding action. You can have a lot of fun trying out new stunts. This is one of the most popular water activities for the younger crowd.


Everybody always has such a good time watching the fireworks on Independence Day. Your family will have just as much fun setting off fireworks while you are out on the boat. There is really nothing that compares to watching fireworks while in a boat out on the lake, they are really amazing.


This is a little easier than water skiing and kids will enjoy it. There is something cool about the thrill of racing across the water and hitting waves.


Tying a tube to the back of a boat is a traditional fun activity. Everybody is always up for a little tubing. This is an activity that the entire family can enjoy. Kids will laugh while watching mom and dad get towed by the boat.


Fishing is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy. If you catch enough fish, you can grill them up for dinner. So it is an activity that has a potential benefit. And just watch your kids’ eyes light up when they catch a big fish.

Boat Camping

Escape the crowded campgrounds and go camping on your boat. This is a fun activity that the whole family will enjoy. Anchor out and put up the tents and make some smores. The only thing you are giving up is the bonfire.

If your boat is too small for camping, find a beach and pitch a tent.

Place Some Bets

If you are on your boat and fishing, channel your inner competitive self by going head to head with others on the number of fish you catch or who catches the biggest fish. The bet does not have to be about money, it could be the loser cooks dinner.

Play Pirates

Raise a pirate flag, wear pirate clothes and speak pirate-ese all day long. You can even choose to be pirate characters from movies or books. A fun activity for the entire family.


All of those books you bought, they aren’t going to read themselves. Spend a relaxing day on your boat getting caught up on that novel.

Diving Competition

Buy a diving board from Lillipad Marine and see who can dive the best. It is a great way to spend an afternoon on your boat.