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Boat Diving Boards and Pirates

Ahoy, me hearties!

September 19 is Talk Like a Pirate Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t talk like a pirate when you are out on your boat. It is, after all, a blast shouting “Ahoy” to everyone you see and calling people on shore landlubbers.

In fact, some people take things a little further and dress the part. That’s right, there are boat owners who celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in full pirate gear.

So, that got us thinking about what it would be like to be a pirate. Never mind merely talking or dressing like a pirate, we think living like a pirate would be awesome. Lillipad Marine, your source for boat diving boards, offers reasons why it would be cool to be a pirate.


As a pirate, you make your own rules and you live your life free. You might think casual Friday at work is great, but imagine wearing what you want every day of the week. Pirates may have been the common enemy of mankind, but they were also the freest people on land or on sea.

Workman’s Comp Plan

Being a pirate was risky business and there was always the chance you could get injured on the job. Say, like losing a limb in a sword battle.

So to encourage pirates to not hesitate to go into battle, and out of a sense of fairness we suppose, many pirates were compensated for their injuries. For example, the loss of your right arm would result in the award of 600 pieces of silver or six slaves, your choice.

The loss of a finger would only net you 100 pieces of silver or one slave, but this quickly adds up if multiple fingers go missing.

You Get To Vote

Pirates let everybody vote on everything. This means you get to vote on where to sail, what to steal and what village to pillage. Every pirate’s vote carried the same weight and you could even outvote the captain.

Pirate ships were democracies and every man on board was entitled to an equal share of food, booze and other provisions.

The Loot

A successful pirate could make more money on a single voyage than others could make in a lifetime. And having so much loot means you get to spend all of the money on the things you want, like a new pirate outfit.

Of course, being that you are a pirate, you would likely spend your money gambling, drinking in taverns and on women. That is, buying the lady seated at the end of the tavern a shot of rum.


Not all of pirate action took place on the sea. It was not uncommon for pirates to go ashore and pillage a village.

The Weapons

Swords, cannons and flintlock pistols, need we say more?


For pirates, everyday is an adventure. If you aren’t making some poor sap walk the plank, you are either plundering or pillaging, which is a lot more exciting than sitting in a meeting at work or reading emails from your micromanaging boss.

If you do decide to become a pirate, buy a diving board from Lillipad Marine to keep your fellow pirates occupied when they aren’t plundering or pillaging. Argh.