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Boat Diving Boards and Reasons Why Winter Stinks

At this very moment, there are millions of people looking out the window and seeing snow falling, a lot of snow. Many of these very same people are listening to warnings on the radio not to drive and to just stay home and ride the storm out.

There are a whole lot of people out there who would not put winter on the top of their list of favorite seasons. In fact, we are willing to bet that many of you despise winter and would rather eat kale and beets instead of having to endure even a small snow storm.

You might be the type of person who enjoys winter, for the most part. But come April, you are so ready for longer days, warmer temperatures and boating. Back in November and December, the cold air blasting your face and the snowflakes pelting the back of your neck was tolerated. But the romance with winter is now over and if it doesn’t warm up soon, you might have a breakdown of sorts.

It might be spring, but winter still has an icy grip and not willing to let go. So if you are stuck in this “winter cyclone” with nothing better to do, enjoy this article about the reasons why winter stinks. And then shop for boat diving boards at Lillipad Marine.

No Boating

This is rather obvious, but you can’t go boating in the winter. Well, you can as long as you don’t mind a little frostbite.

The lakes are lonely places in the winter as they are void of boats and boaters. But not to worry, this storm too shall pass and give way to warmer temperatures, sunshine and boat rides.

The Cold

This is one of the biggest reasons people hate winter, the cold temperatures. Having to suffer in a perpetual state of freezing cold weather for months on end can make life pretty unbearable. Some days you never seem to get warm.

Winter is the season when your nose never stops running, your skin dries out and your teeth chatter so often you loosen a couple of molars. That’s no fun.

The Snow

Snow falling is fine if it happens on Christmas or if you are really into skiing or snowboarding, otherwise it is pretty much just a nuisance.

Here is the deal, snow always seems to be the reason the fun things you look forward to in the winter gets canceled. The death metal band you wanted so badly to see canceled their show because of snow. And the musical your wife bought tickets to was also cancelled because of snow. Which means you have to stay home and watch football instead.

How about that, snow isn’t always a bad thing.

But the worst thing about snow is how it looks so pretty when it first hit the ground, but turns brown and dirty within a few hours.

The Dark

It’s dark when you drive to work in the morning, and it’s dark when you drive home from work in the late afternoon. If you are lucky, you get a glimpse of the sun while on your break or at lunch.

When it is pitch black out at 4:30 in the afternoon, all you want to do is curl up on the couch in the fetal position, sleep and dream about longer days.

No Activities

Thanks to the dark, cold temperatures and the snow, there really isn’t a whole lot to do in the winter. Even if you have the gumption to get up off of the couch and attempt to go outside to do something, you are too tired to do much after spending all of your energy getting dressed in layers.

Besides ice skating and skiing, there isn’t much else to do in the winter.

Static Electricity

The combination of layers of fuzzy clothing and dry weather leaves your hair looking like something from the movie The Bride of Frankenstein and feeling like a science experiment.

Facebook Friends

We guarantee you have at least one friend on Facebook who is vacationing at a tropical paradise and posting pictures at least once an hour. That is, at least until you get fed up and unfriend them.

And those are the reasons why winter stinks. Go to Lillipad Marine, order your boat diving board and start thinking about all of the fun you will have this summer.