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Boat Diving Boards and Social Media

Given the number of diseases that sicken or kill people every year, you would think that sitting isn’t the worst thing you can do for your health.

Well, we have some bad news, sitting is the new smoking and if you are doing too much of it, it is killing you.

But there is something that makes this worse, much worse.

You see, one of the great pastimes that go along with sitting is mindlessly scrolling through social media platforms, sometimes for minutes and sometimes for hours. This is a bad thing because believe it or not, social media is killing you as well. So if you are sitting there scrolling Facebook or Instagram all day long, you can expect a very short lifespan.

Health officials have already completed plenty of studies that prove maladies as Facebook depression exists. The negative effects of social media is a real thing and it could be dragging you down at this very moment.

This is something you probably don’t have to worry about, seeing that you spend a lot of your free time on your boat doing healthy activities like fishing, swimming and spending quality time with your family. But there are others who will suffer healthwise if they don’t stop spending so much time on social media while sitting.

Lillipad Marine, your source for boat diving boards, offers the reasons why social media is killing you.


Social media has drifted a long way from what it used to be. In the beginning, social media was all about making real connections online. But over the years, social media has become all about keeping a captive audience.

Many people on social media are only interested in the number of followers or friends that they have and how many people like what they are posting. The friends people have on Facebook are often not friends at all, they are a number and you will be removed from the list if you dare to disrespect or disagree with what someone has to say.

Real friends are the ones who are with you when you go on that boat ride. They are people who you genuinely enjoy being with.


Internet addiction may or may not be a real thing. But there is plenty of evidence that points to social media addiction.
A recent study looked back on personality, psychological characteristics and social media use. The conclusion leads to the plausibility of Facebook Addiction Disorder. This is a condition in which personal life is neglected, moods are modified and there is a mental preoccupation with social media. All are addictive behaviors.

Studies do show that people tend to go through withdrawal symptoms when they stop using social media.

Triggers Sadness

The more we use social media, the less happy we seem to be. One study found that Facebook use was linked to less happiness and less life satisfaction. It is suggested that this happens as the result of seeing what others are constantly doing in their lives. We become jealous of what others are doing because we aren’t doing the same things.

Social isolation is another reason why social media triggers sadness. We are sad because instead of being outside on a boat enjoying life, many of us are sitting at home scrolling through social media and seeing just how much fun people are having outside on their boats.


It is curious how other people’s lives look on social media. Beautiful people’s lives look much different when they are filtered and edited.

This is pretty obvious, but one should expect that people cherry pick the activities they do in their lives to post on social media. Of course, they will be posting the tasty cuisine at a fine restaurant and not the slop they eat at some fast food joint. Just as they aren’t posting any of the bad or negative things that happen in their lives.


Social media makes many of us feel like we want everything and we want it now. Best of all, we don’t want to work for it. There are people who demand instant gratification and that can be linked to social media.

So instead of sitting around all day scrolling social media, go to Lillipad Marine, order a boat diving board, and spend the rest of the summer on a boat doing healthy activities.