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LilliPad Diving Boards are specifically designed for mounting on a boat with the minimum specifications as listed below.

For mounting to a boat ONLY with the following:
· Boat length – Minimum 18’
· Boat Width – Minimum 7’
· Floor – ¾” Marine Grade Plywood, ¾” Solid Fiberglass, or composite flooring* (Please contact LilliPad for details on composite flooring as a special epoxy is used for composite flooring to produce a solid mounting base)
Floor must be in excellent condition with no flexing, rotting, or damage of any sort present
· Appropriate bracing as outlined in Installation Manual


Placement of your LilliPad Diving Board is very important. As all boats move in the water from wave action and other boat traffic, the most stable parts of the boat are recommended for installation.

APPROVED Base Position:
· SIDE DOOR MOUNTING - Side Door(s) mounting provides stability from boat movement and is free of protruding obstructions.
· REAR PLATFORM / SWIM PLATFORM MOUNTING - If your boat is equipped with a platform at the stern, mount on the Port side only.
· FRONT/BOW MOUNTING – Bow mounting is permitted on vessels that DO NOT have any objects protruding from the front of the vessel.

Commonly Asked Mounting Location Questions

What are the dimensions of the footprint needed to install a LilliPad Diving Board?

17” W * 24” D
(Note: The main frame is only 16 inches wide but additional space is needed for the stabilizer handrail which protrudes from the ladder leg on the left side.) Click Here for a printable PDF of the mounting footprint with additional detail.

What are the dimensions of the diving board?

Where is the best mounting location?

Most boat owners will find that the best place to mount their LilliPad Diving Board is on a rear swim deck or platform, or at the side door of their boat. Other options include bow mounts, rear mounting or side mounting over the handrail depending on the configuration of the boat. Our preferred location is a stern location as this is typically where the ladder is mounted and provides for a quick and easy swim to board the boat and jump again... and again…and again!

With the above in mind, it is also VERY IMPORTANT to consider the structural layout of your boat when determining a mounting location.  When using an underfloor mount kit the main frame of the diving board should sit directly on top of a frame cross member.  When using a surface mount kit you need to be able to screw directly into cross members on both the main frame mounting plate and at least one ladder plate.  Refer to our INSTALLATION MANUAL and/or VIDEO LIBRARY for more information. Or, call us for guidance at 800-279-3419.

How will we get on and off of our boat if we mount the diving board at the side door?

LilliPad Diving Boards are designed to be put up and taken down easily. If you plan to mount your diving board at your main access door you can put up your diving board only when you are wanting to use it. Daily installation takes just a minute or two.

Do you have additional questions?

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