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Diving Board for Boats and Boating Etiquette

Diving Boards for Boats and Boating Etiquette

As a recreational sport, boating has been around for several hundred years. And during this time many traditions and customs have been developed in order to help relieve the stresses involved when many boats are on the same lake or in the same area. When you take up boating, you don’t get a pamphlet with a list of these traditions and customs, they are something you need to learn before launching your boat. If not, you could wind up becoming “that guy.”

Most boaters are quick to pick up on the rules of the water. They learn how to navigate, pass and dock properly as to minimize wakes. But not all boaters pay attention to how courteous and considerate they are of other boaters. Lillipad Marine, your source for diving boards for boats, offers these boating etiquette tips.

Mind The Boat Ramp

Be quick and efficient when you are on the boat ramp, whether you are launching your boat or loading it back on the trailer. In all likelihood, there will be other boaters needing to use the ramp, so be kind and courteous and limit the time you spend on it. Make sure that anything that can be done away from the ramp, like loading your boat with equipment, is done before backing your boat onto the ramp.

Mind The Wake

Always be mindful of the wake. When navigating crowded or small areas, it is your responsibility to keep the wake under control as best as you can. It’s just plain rude to throw up a big wake. Not only do big wakes disturb other boaters, but it can also cause damage to some boats. This is damage that is caused by you if you are not careful.

Mind The Dock

When you are tied up at the dock, keep in mind that other people are walking along the same dock. As such, make sure that you don’t have lines running all over the place creating a tripping hazard. You should also make sure you don’t have boating gear strung all over the place.

Mind Your Guests

Make sure the family and friends who are boating with you for the very first time are familiar with the boat and the rules of the water. For example, make sure they know in what situations they need to sit down, like when you accelerate or when encountering another boat’s wake. Make sure to tell them not to park in spaces reserved for boats and the vehicles towing them and to be considerate of other boaters who are working on getting their boats in or out of the water.

Mind Where You Anchor

Whether you are dropping your anchor for the evening or just to take a short break, be aware of how far you are from other boaters. A change in wind, tides or currents could cause your boat to anchor in an unpredictable way. You never know which way your boat might shift in these situations, so make sure you leave plenty of room for error.

Help When You Can

Not all boaters out there are pros. If you see a fellow boater struggling to get there boat on or off the trailer, go up and ask them if you can help. More often than not, people are going to say yes.

Be Prepared

If you are the captain of your boat, we should make the assumption that you have learned everything you can about boating. You know the safety rules, how to navigate, pass and dock safely. If not, then you need to take boating safety courses before you launch your boat for the very first time.

Slow Down

Remember that this is boating and not the Indy 500. If another boat is trying to overtake you, slow down and let them pass. If you are in a tight channel, everybody should go through in single file and easing off the throttle.

Respect Thy Neighbors

Be aware and courteous to your neighbors docked next to you. Don’t play your music too loud, make sure your dog isn’t barking at everything that moves and mind the smoke from your grill.

And if you really wish to enjoy your boating experience, buy a diving board from Lillipad Marine.