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Man sitting near a lake with fishing rod

Diving Boards for Boats and Fishing Tips

For some families, fishing while boating is as natural as Cracker Jacks at baseball games and fireworks on Independence Day. There is no way to spend a lazy summer day than sitting on your boat fishing. Whether this is your first time fishing or you are an old pro, you want your fishing trip to be a wild success.

It is important to get started on the right foot when going on a fishing trip. Lillipad Marine, your source for diving boards for boats, offers a few fishing tips to help make your adventure successful.

Learn the Terminology

Your fishing trip won’t mean anything unless you learn the terminology. Should you catch a nice fish and brag about it at work on Monday morning, you want to make sure you use the correct vernacular when telling your tales.

You can bet that your colleagues will be asking you questions about the type of bait you used, the type of rod you used and many other questions that you can’t answer unless you know what you are talking about.

Learn How to Cast

It might look simple enough, but there is a whole lot more to casting than just chucking your lure or bait into the lake. We don’t have the patience to teach this skill, we recommend you hit up YouTube for some videos on the matter.

It is also critical that you learn how to use a spinning rod. That is, you need to determine just how fast to reel your lure in and distinguish between a bite and a snag.

Use Cheap Lures

Cheap lures catch fish and they don’t hurt the wallet as much when you lose them. Make sure you are aware that you will lose lures, especially if you are a beginner. If you are too worried about losing lures while fishing, you won’t be as aggressive catching fish.

Confidence is also key in a successful fishing trip. You need to be confident in your ability to cast and in hitting the spots where you think fish might be.

Bass fish, in particular, like to hang in areas where there are a lot of branches and other objects you can get snagged on. You aren’t going to catch that record bass unless you are confident enough to fish these spots.

Know Your Lures

You will use different lures depending on the type of fish you want to catch, the weather conditions and the time of day. It is a good idea to study up a bit on the various lures you might want to use and when you should use them.

Clean Hands

Make sure you wash your hands and keep them as clean as you can while you are fishing. Fish have a remarkable sense of smell and any foreign scent on your bait will turn them off.

Check the Temperature

The majority of freshwater fish prefer specific water temperatures. So if it is quite hot out, they will likely be in deeper water while on cooler days they prefer to be closer to the surface.

Hang Out Spots

Fish are a lot like teenagers and enjoy their favorite hangouts. Fish are also a lot like us and like to be in places where they feel comfortable. The areas where water enters the lake and leaves the lake are good spots because they are cooler and fish dig that.


Fish also like to hang out around structures that make them feel safe and provide hiding spots so they can ambush other fish. If you see a sunken tree in the lake, that would be a great place to start fishing.

Blowing in the Wind

If it is windy on the day that you go fishing, you will fish differently than on calm days. Wind forces fish to feed closer to shore, so you need to take that into account.

Map It

If you will be fishing a lake, get a topographical map of the body of water if possible. This map will let you know the different depths and other clues that reveal where the fish are likely hanging out.

When you want to take a break from fishing, you can always use your diving board from Lillipad Marine. If you don’t have one, order now.