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Diving Boards for Boats and Taking a Vacation

We have a very complicated relationship with vacations. Most of us get time off to use at our leisure, yet many of you will not use all, if any, of your allotted time off.

There are several reasons for this including the fact that a lot of you are overworked and can’t justify taking any time off. But many of you will skip out on taking a vacation because you are afraid it will make you look bad in the eyes of your superiors.

Well, we aren’t here to judge you, but not taking a vacation is crazy. Anyone who refuses to take time off for a vacation needs to rethink their life choices.

It sounds rather silly to those out there who eagerly take time off to enjoy vacations. It is a shame really, all of those poor souls who will never know what it is like to spend a week on your boat, soaking your toes in the water every day and embracing afternoon naps.

Just know that your decision not to take any time off will hurt you mentally and physically. That’s right, not taking a vacation can quite literally kill you…eventually. There are plenty of consequences that come with not taking a vacation.

Lillipad Marine, your source for diving boards for boats, offers you the consequences of not taking a vacation.

Improved Job Performance

Companies that encourage their employees to take time off will notice a decrease in turnover and increased morale. Employees who take time off report to feel much less stressed, more energized and have very positive mood swings.

Basically, employees who take vacation perform their jobs better than the poor saps who never take time off. Think about that next time you get passed over for a promotion and raise yet again.

Newer Perspectives

When you step away from the office and take the time to enjoy an extended stay on your boat, it gives you a whole new perspective when you get back to work. One study shows that employees who step away from their work problems for a period of time gain a better perspective and come back with new solutions to old problems.

Improved Relationships

For all of us, our home life can be just as busy and stressful as our work life. When you aren’t at work, you are taking the kids to school, soccer practice and violin lessons. You are also spending a great amount of time running errands, fixing a leaky faucet and mowing the lawn.
A vacation gives you and your family the opportunity to leave it all behind. Taking a vacation affords you and your family the much-needed time to share new experiences and promote a closeness that will last for months.

Reduced Stress

Whether you are an accountant for a small business or the CEO of an established corporation, everybody needs time off to recover from stress.

We could go into all of the negative effects of chronic stress, but we don’t want to freak you out. Let’s just say it is in your best interest healthwise to take regular vacations to help reduce stress.


There is one study that determined people who fail to take regular vacations are more likely to suffer from depression. The same study found that people who take regular vacations at least once a year enjoyed higher levels of positive emotions. In a nutshell, people who take regular vacations are happier.

Heart Disease

You might want to sit down for this. There are several studies, many of them long-term, that highlight the benefits your heart enjoys when you take vacations. One study, in particular, found that men who don’t take vacations on a regular basis are 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack compared to men who take vacations at regular intervals.


In all likelihood, there are probably a few repetitive activities associated with what you do at work. Basically, you do the same thing day in and day out or week in and week out. You start to get burned out and problem-solving skills suffer because of it.

The solution is to take a nice, refreshing vacation to give your mind a break and recharge.

So pack up your boat, buy a diving board from Lillipad Marine, and take a vacation.