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group of friends diving in the water during a boat excursion

Diving Boards For Boats and Vacations

Tight deadlines, endless meetings and long hours are just a few reasons why you desperately need a vacation. There are far too many people who are not balancing their work and personal lives. And this isn’t healthy at all, there are studies that prove this.

For many, the stresses of work and home life are difficult to avoid. While there are steps you can take to minimize stress, sometimes you need to just get away from it all.

So you decide to take a vacation.

But there are a few problems.

You would like to travel on your vacation, but flying is a stressful experience in itself. All you have to do is read our previous article to learn why flying should be avoided at all costs.

Traveling by car isn’t always a better alternative, especially if you are traveling with kids. We have nothing against kids per se, we just know from experience that they can make a road trip a nightmare. If they aren’t screaming and crying to get out of the car, they are arguing among themselves, spilling sticky stuff on your seats and generally being a nuisance.

And then there are other drivers

You deal with them on your commute to and from work and when you are out and about running errands; bad drivers. Unfortunately, bad drivers take vacations as well and they are on the highways all over America. There is just no way to avoid them.

The worst part about bad drivers is that they stress you out, and that is just what you are trying to escape from.

You can always take the bus when you go on vacation. Just kidding, everybody hates taking the bus.

What you should do is invest in a boat or just go for a long boat ride for your vacation. Lillipad Marine, your source for diving boards for boats, offers the reasons why you should be on a boating vacation right now.


It is far too difficult to bond with your spouse or with any of your kids while you are traveling in a car. If you all aren’t at each other’s throats for whatever reason, the kids are staring down their smartphones with earbuds on and the spouse is doing the same.

Basically, it’s like dinner time at your house.

But if the family is on a boat, there is plenty of opportunities to bond. You aren’t stressed out from driving and the spouse and kids are thoroughly enjoying themselves and are more open for pleasant conversation.


Driving a boat is so much more relaxing than driving down the highway behind the wheel of your Hyundai Elantra battling traffic and angry drivers.

Plenty To Do

While you are hanging out on a boat, you always have plenty of things you could be doing as a family.

For example, you can take the family for a swim in the water. Anything beats a crowded public pool with sketchy water.

You can also fish, grill some food or just park yourself on a chair and think about the fact that you are not at work.

Scenic Views

While traveling on a plane, there is a chance you will get some pretty cool views. But most of the time you just see clouds or you are not by a window and can’t really see anything.

When traveling by car, you are too busy driving to enjoy any of the views. But for the most part, all anybody sees are other cars and endless fields strung all over the country.

But when you are on a boat, you can bet the views will be amazing.


You don’t have a whole lot of space in the Hyundai Elantra and need to stop frequently to stretch out the legs. The same holds true for air travel, you are all cramped up in a small space and have no way to stretch out and sit comfortably.

But you have plenty of room on a boat. In fact, there are times you will just stroll around on the deck stretching your legs and enjoying the view.

So if this sounds like something you would like to do, maybe it’s time you seriously consider buying a boat. And don’t forget to buy a diving board for it from Lillipad Marine.