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How to Drive a Boat, Part 1

Let’s be honest, boating can be so much fun. And with boating growing as a recreational activity across the country, it’s a great activity to add to your summer adventures. Boating can take you to places you’ve never seen before and allow you to do things you’ve never done before. Boating can be a great way to spend time with your family, your dog, and make memories on the water.

However, if you’ve just bought a boat to partake in this wonderful new adventure, there is definitely a learning curve to boating, from learning all the boat components to knowing the best places to go boating locally. But what about driving a boat? Many new boat owners are shocked to learn that driving a boat is not as easy as driving a car. After all, boats have to contend much more with the weather, from wind and rain to high waves and turn radiuses. Learning to drive a boat can be challenging in and of itself.

Lillipad Marine makes the best boat diving boards for all types of boats that are at least 18 feet in length and has a solid, flat surface to jump from. Some examples of popular boats to use with boat diving boards are pontoons, houseboats, yachts, and cabin cruisers. Our boat diving boards are safe, durable, and designed for use by adults and children. The whole family can have fun with our amazing boat diving boards. Below, we’ll go over how to drive a boat, so you can begin to enjoy your Lillipad Marine boat diving board today!


Familiarize Yourself With Your Boat

Every boat is different, and like cars, every boat drives a bit differently, depending on its size, its motor size, and so much more. Before you drive your boat, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the control panel, the switches, and the steering. Read the owner’s manual thoroughly, paying attention to the operator section. Lillipad Marine notes that this little step alone will make your first time out on the water with your new boat easier.

Familiarize Yourself With Boat Lingo

It does no good to ask for help from a seasoned boater and have no idea what he or she is talking about because they are using boating terms you don’t understand. The basics include:

  • Bow — Front of the boat (you bow forward)
  • Port — Left side of the boat
  • Starboard — Right side of the boat
  • Stern — Back of the boat
  • Beam — The greatest width of the boat
  • Aft — When you are moving towards the rear of the boat
  • Astern — When the boat is moving backwards or in reverse
  • Underway — When the boat is moving

Turn On The Ventilation Blowers

Most boats have ventilation blowers, which blow gases out of the engine, which will prevent an explosion. You’ll want to turn these on for a few minutes before starting the engine.

Turn on the Bilge Pump if You See Water

Sometimes boats have water in them. This mostly occurs with boats left unprotected at the dock; however, bilge water is the water that does not drain properly, so there could be other causes as well. If you see water in your boat, you’ll want to turn on the bilge pump to remove it.

Turn On the Engine

Now, you’re ready to turn on the engine. Lillipad Marine, the maker of the best boat diving boards, suggests that you turn around and physically look at your engine. Look for any visible signs that something could be wrong.

Check Your Gauges

The gauges on your boat will be somewhat familiar as they tell you some of the same information that your car’s gauges do. Your boat’s gauges will tell you your fuel levels, your speed, water depth, engine temperature, and more. Baseline readings include engine temperature between 160 to 175, oil pressure at about 60, and RPMs at about 3,000, which translates into 30 mpg (miles per gallon).

Leaving the Dock

Leaving the dock is not all that hard. Your boat will have a forward and a reverse. Speed limits are low in the dock area, and most are posted. However, Lillipad Marine, a maker of boat diving boards, recommends that you assume that the speed limit in your dock is about 5 mph (miles per hour). You’ll want to step on the accelerator to give it some gas and turn the steering wheel where you want to go (just like driving a car). Most recreational boats have no brakes. You brake by slowing down, putting the engine into neutral, and then gliding until you get to where you’re going (like a dock or shore). Sailboats are completely different. We are only discussing boats with motors for this blog post.


Lillipad Marine’s Diving Boards make your boating adventure infinitely better by adding hours of entertainment and fun for the whole family. After you are done skiing or tubing, or you are taking a lunch break, you can set up your boat diving board while you relax and enjoy the sun. Our boat diving boards are made to last, featuring stainless steel hardware and heavy wall aluminum extrusions. Use these in water that is at least 15 feet deep.

Lillipad Marine’s Diving Boards come in many colors, so you can match it to your boat. These boat diving boards feature a quick release pin, which allows the diving platform to fold down when not in use. You can leave our boat diving boards attached while transporting; however, they are easy to remove to stow away. These work by spring action, and we offer two different mounting hardware kits so you can choose which will work best for your particular boat.


In addition, Lillipad’s Marine Funnel makes fueling your boat a snap with no spills. Fast and easy to use, our Marine Funnel eliminates splashing with a hose that won’t kink. Our Marine Funnel nozzles are made of aircraft grade aluminum with a stainless steel ball valve to resist corrosion. The ball valve also allows for greater control over fueling, which allows you to use our Marine Funnel with smaller tanks, such as with chain saws or leaf blowers. This Marine Funnel is designed for decades of use. You can also use our Marine Funnel in the garage, shed, and for the lawn mower. Our modular mount system is top-notch that allows you to mount your funnel, leaving your hands free.

Lillipad Marine wants you to enjoy your time on the water. Our boat diving boards and Marine Funnels help you do just that. Order online today!