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How to Take Your Dog Boating, Part 1

Most of us treat our dogs like furry members of the family who go places with us, do things with us, and even sleep with us. They are our loyal, constant companions and give us immense joys in this life we wouldn’t have otherwise. 


Thus, when it comes time to go boating, you want to bring your dog with you. After all, Fido loves to swim, smell all the interesting smells that only dogs can smell, and, of course, be with you. But how can you bring Fido safely with you on the boat?


LilliPad Marine offers the best diving board for boats, as well as the best Marine Funnel for gas for your boat. Our mission is to make your boating life easier and more enjoyable by providing you with these amazing accessories. We also love to take our dogs boating, so continue reading for important tips when you are first teaching your dog about your boat. Order our boat diving boards online today!




  1. Take your dog to obedience school. This should be a given for all dog owners, especially puppy owners, but you’d be surprised at how many dogs don’t know basic commands, such as sit, stay, and come. It is imperative that your dog knows these commands because in a life and death situation, which boating can be one of them, your dog needs to come to you when called. On a boat, the heel command is important for when your dog gets too close to the edge of the boat. Then, practice these commands before you go out on the open water. Take your dog to the dock, and ensure your dog won’t be too distracted. If they are, then it may not be time yet for Fido to venture forth.
  2. Show your dog the ropes (literally). Once your dog has all of the commands down, show your dog around the boat while it’s docked. This allows your dog to get used to the rocking motion but in a controlled manner. Allow them to sniff around and get their bearings before sallying forth.
  3. Check for slippage areas. LilliPad Marine, the maker of the best boat diving boards, warns that all it takes is one wrong slip, and you’re overboard. The same can be true for dogs as well, whose paws, while better than your bare feet, are not the best at water. Note any problem spots your dog may have when it’s walking around the boat while docked.
  4. Always have a leash and a life vest for your dog. Your dog should always wear a life vest (like you should) while on your boat. While dogs are good swimmers, like humans, they can’t swim forever. And if they do get swept overboard and away from your boat in big waves, they will need help. Some life vests are insulated to keep your dog warm. Plus, if you do have to jump into the water for your dog, it will be easier to get them in the boat if they are wearing a life vest. Furthermore, always have a leash as well for extra security and in case you do need to confine your dog in rough seas.
  5. You may want to consider a bathroom spot for your dog. If you go for all day adventures on your boat, you’ll want to designate an out-of-the-way spot for your dog to go to the bathroom. LilliPad Marine, the maker of the best diving boards for boats, suggests that you buy a grassy patch and lay it out. Show your dog its purpose, and then clean it often. This will prevent your dog from just going at any old spot. This is a good idea even if you plan on stopping on shore to let your dog use the restroom.



There is no boat diving board better than LilliPad Marine’s. It has revolutionized and redefined boating fun. As long as your boat is 18 feet or longer, you can invest in one of our boat diving boards. From pontoons, houseboats, motor yachts, and cabin cruisers, this diving board for boats offers spring-action fun. When you jump off, the boat won’t rock and your fellow boaters will hardly feel a thing (and neither will your dog). 


This diving board for boats is loaded with safety features, from traction materials and an adjustable stabilizer rail. In addition, LilliPad Marine’s Diving Boards are designed with a quick release pin, which allows for easy removal and storage. Built to last, these boat diving boards offer the best in materials, ranging from stainless steel hardware to urethane spring components. These boat diving boards are designed for the entire family, kids, and adults up to 250 pounds. Featuring top-of-the-line texture foam pads for safety while jumping, these boat diving boards do not need to be removed for storage purposes. You can buy mounting kits that will suit your boat perfectly for the perfect jumping and diving pleasure.


Everything you will need for your boat diving board is available on our website. We offer Protective Covers, Surface Mounting Kits, Under Floor Mounting Kits, and replacement pins in case you lose yours. You can even buy Replacement Textured Foam as well.




However, our boat diving boards are not all that LilliPad Marine is known for. In fact, we sell a Marine Funnel for you to easily refill your boat with gas that outstrips the competition by a landslide. Built out of the best materials like our boat diving boards, our Marine Funnel will allow you to not spill a drop of this precious liquid that fuels your boating adventures. We’ve included a screen to eliminate flashing and a hose that won’t kink. Our nozzles are made of aircraft grade, machined-aluminum to last decades. Included is a ball valve to control the flow of your fuel. 


As an added bonus, this Marine Funnel is not strictly for use on your boat. In fact, you can use it for all your machines, from your lawn mower to your motorcycle. If you intend to use this Marine Funnel for more than your boat, we offer multiple mounting kits, as well as dock Marine Funnel kits for your convenience.


LilliPad Marine indeed wants you to enjoy every second on the water with your family and your dog. Visit us online to order everything you could need, or visit a select dealer near you. You can also catch us at a local boat show or boating event near you. Check our website for details!