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How to Take Your Dog Boating, Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed helpful tips on how to take your dog boating. Most of us love our dogs like children (well, almost). We recognize and value the companionship they provide us, the friendship, the protection, and the warm body late at night. Our dogs are irreplaceable, and knowing that we will probably outlive them, we want to maximize our time with them here on earth. 


LilliPad Marine is a maker of the best diving boards for boats. We love what we do, which is making the time on your boat fun and memorable. Having a diving board to jump from can provide hours of fun while you fish or just hang out on your boat, whether you own a pontoon, houseboat, motor yacht, or a cabin cruiser. In addition, we offer the best marine funnels on the market to make refilling your boat easy-peasy because no one wants to smell like gasoline.


Boating is a fun, family-filled activity that can be shared with your dog. However, before you just roll up one day and throw your dog on your boat, it’s important to take measures (primarily for safety but also for your dog’s comfort and enjoyment) for your dog. Below, we’ll offer up more tips for you to do before you take your dog boating. Visit us online for either our LilliPad Diving Board or our Marine Funnel, or find an authorized dealer near you!




  • Consider if your dog is a natural swimmer or not. Some dogs love to get in the water and can’t wait to do so. Others would rather spend their entire time on your lap in the boat than go near the wet stuff. Know which dog yours is; this will help you cater to the comfort of your dog while out on the boat. LilliPad Marine, the maker of the best boat diving boards, recommends that you take your dog to your local lake, and see how they do. You should know right away based on if your dog goes charging in, or stands on the edge piteously.
  • Develop a plan in case your dog goes overboard, especially while you are driving the boat. Panic is usually the first reaction when something unexpected in life happens, which can be what happens when your dog falls overboard for the first time. LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best boat diving boards, recommends that you remember that your dog feeds off your energy; if you panic, so will they, making the rescue all that more difficult. Instead, designate someone who will do what. Will you call the dog? Will you jump in after your dog once you are within range? Who will be pulling the dog in? Have a gameplan before an accident happens so you’ll react with a calm intelligence that will get your dog back in your boat safely and quickly. Practice this ahead of time if you have the chance.
  • Make sure you have a first-aid kit with dog-specific first-aid items on board. All boats should have a first-aid kit for humans, but you’ll need one for your dog in case they get hurt. Items such as antibiotic ointment, any medications your pet is on, and bandages are great items to have on hand in case your pup hurts himself out on the water.
  • Make sure you bring dog food and fresh water for your dog. Odds are, your dog will ingest some lake water while out on the boat. Probably there’s not much to be done in this case. However, LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best diving boards for boats, recommends that you encourage your dog to drink fresh drinking water instead, since harmful bacteria, such as giardia, can live in lake water and get your dog sick.
  • Bring sunscreen for your dog. Your dog can get sunburnt, just like we can, while out in the sun for too long. Short-haired dogs especially are at risk for sunburn. You can use your sunscreen on your dog for optimal protection.
  • Make sure you have your emergency vet’s number. It’s always best to be prepared for the worse case scenario. LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best boat diving boards, recommends that you make sure you have you emergency vet’s number close at hand in case something happens. While cell phone service may not be available, you’ll at least have the number as soon as you do get service.
  • Watch your dog. While boating with your dog can be fun and exciting, you’ll need to be extra vigilant while your dog is on board (like you are when your kids are on board), and know where your dog is at all times. Once your dog is used to boating, this won’t be as big of an issue. However, while in motion, your dog should be seen always. Watch your dog around bait while fishing. Your dog may gobble up your bait, and it may step on a fish hook if you’re not careful. Keeping your dog safe while on the boat will be a big factor until they are used to boating with you.



Now that you and your dog are prepared for adventure, it’s time to seek it. However, LilliPad Marine, the maker of the best diving boards for boats, advises that you keep the first outing with your dog brief. Your dog may develop seasickness, which would mean a trip back to shore to settle them down, or your dog may just be nervous and do better with shorter stints before long ones. Like anything with dogs or kids, it just takes time and patience for something new to become routine.


LilliPad Marine loves boating with dogs. However, like people, not all dogs are boat dogs. You’ll have to use your best judgment to determine if Fido is having fun or not since he won’t be able to tell you so. Is he whimpering or is he barreling into the water? Does your dog cling to your side, or does he walk around contentedly? Is your dog shaking uncontrollably (and not because of the cold), or is your dog sleeping like a baby on the floor? You know your dog the best and are best suited to judge their happiness. 


LilliPad Marine advises that you don’t despair if Fido turns out not to be a boat dog, for they will be at home when you get home from boating, and there will be many other activities you can enjoy together besides boating.




LilliPad Marine has dedicated our business to making your boating experience fun. We offer the best boat diving boards for sale that function like your traditional diving boards. Spring action and made for fun, you can jump and dive your heart out with our boards. This boat diving board is simple to use. Simply ensure you are in at least 15 feet deep water and then unlock the diving board by releasing the pin, which also controls the tension on the diving board. Made out of heavy aluminum and stainless steel, these boat diving boards are built to last. Designed to support persons up to 250 pounds, these diving boards for boats can accommodate everyone. 


LilliPad Marine diving boards come in a variety of colors to match your boat and preferences, as well as offering Textured-Marine Foam platform pads by SeaDek© to keep you safe while jumping off. The boat diving board is easy to remove where you want it and comes in two different mounting capabilities to fit your style of boat.




LilliPad Marine also offers a Marine Funnel, which is our special boat funnel that allows you to fill your boat’s gas tank quickly and efficiently without spilling a drop. The top of the canister features a screen to eliminate nasty splashes, as well as features a hose that won’t freeze when you decide to take your boat out in the late fall. You can control the flow of gas with our ball valve. In addition, we’ve designed our Marine Funnel to be used with other gas-powered tools, such as leaf blowers and snow blowers.


LilliPad Marine loves to see you enjoy boating and the water with your dog. Visit us online to order our boat diving board or our Marine Funnel, or find these in select marine stores nationwide!