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Diving Board Styles & Installation

Which mounting kit is right for me, Surface or Under Mount?

Confirm Your Mounting Location BEFORE Selecting Your Mounting Kit
Before selecting your mounting kit it is important to know where you plan to mount your diving board (stern, bow, side door, etc) and to confirm that the location meets our approved specifications for mounting.  If you have not reviewed the specifications or are unsure where you are going to mount your diving board visit our Boat Specifications page or give us a call at 800-279-3419.

Underfloor Mount:
The Under Floor Mounting system is typically used on boats which allow access to the underside of the flooring surface and with proper spacing for the placement of the mounting plates without obstruction.  In addition, when considering the mounting location, the main frame of the diving board must be positioned on top of a cross member; thus a cross member must come between one of the three plates (as pictured, below).

Cross Member with Underfloor Mount

Surface Mount:
The Surface Mounting kit is used on boats which do not easily permit access to the underside of the floor or on boats with substantial bracing that will not allow for use of the Under Floor Mounting system. Surface mounts are also used on all fiberglass applications.

LilliPad’s Surface Mounting System uses your boats crossmembers (for pontoons) or the strength of the fiberglass surface to create a solid mount for your diving board. Refer to our Installation Manual for further details on properly securing surface mount plates to your boat.


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Do you have any instructional videos on how to install?

My pontoon boat has an underfloor skin (otherwise known as shield or splash guard) that covers the bottom, do I need to drop this for installation?

99% of the time, no! If you are installing a diving board on a boat with an underfloor skin, we recommend using a Surface Mount Kit. You should be able to position the mounting hardware to secure the mount plates to “one lineal” (this is described in the installation instructions). If you are able to do this as indicated, you will not need to drop the skin. If you do need to drop any of the skin it should only be a few screws…not the whole thing! If you are questioning your installation, always call us, we are happy to help. Underfloor mount diving boards can also be installed without dropping the skin but the process takes a little bit longer than using our surface mounts.

Are both mount kits equally as secure?

Yes, when installed as directed in the Installation Manual, both mount kits are equally as secure.

Which mount kit is more popular and why?

LilliPad’s Surface Mount is more popular for a few reasons:
1. It is easier to install.

2. People prefer the look of the stainless-steel mounting plates vs the screw-heads from the underfloor kit when the diving board is removed.

3. Surface Mounts are the only option for fiberglass or composite floors.

My boat has a composite floor, can I install a diving board?

Please contact LilliPad Marine to discuss your flooring surface. Composite floors require a special epoxy to be injected into the floor prior to installing the mounting screws. The necessary epoxy can be purchased from LilliPad Marine.
(Note: Forest River Pontoons have a factory approved diving board installation procedure)

Standard Grip Tape or Textured Foam

LilliPad’s Standard Grip Tape is black and accented with a LilliPad Diving Board logo in silver or white. The grip tape looks and feels much like a “skate-board style” grip tape which is course to the hand but comfortable for feet and provides appropriate grip to safely use the LilliPad Diving Board.  With average use and proper storage, (use of a protective cover when not in use) standard grip tape typically lasts 3-5 years.

LilliPad’s Textured Foam is made from industry leading SeaDek©.  Our textured foam can be ordered in a variety of colors to match the look of your boat.  SeaDek Foam is comfortable to the touch and will not pull on the fibers of swimsuits if someone sits on the platform yet, offers excellent traction for safe use of your LilliPad Diving Board. In the harshest conditions, LilliPad’s Textured Foam can be expected to last 5-7 years. If the diving board is properly cared for and covered a longer life is likely.

SeaDek Colors