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Marine Funnel

Fueling your watercraft should NOT be a challenge. With a LilliPad Marine Funnel you can transfer 5 gallons of gas in less than 50 seconds without spilling a drop! In addition, you won’t find yourself replacing your marine funnel anytime soon as LilliPad Marine products are built to last!


10 SECONDS per gallon, with the ball valve fully opened! Yes! You can empty your five-gallon gas can in less than a minute!



The screen on the top of the canister draws the fuel to the center of the funnel to eliminate splashing.


This is not just any hose! The hose used by LilliPad Marine is fuel rated, will not freeze, will not kink when placed in the cabinet, and is clear to allow users to view fuel transfer and to ensure complete fuel removal after use. The standard Marine Funnel hose is 6.5' long - optional, replacement 10.5' hoses are sold seperately if a longer hose is needed.  10.5' is the maximum hose length that will fit inside the cabinet.


This is not a cheap plastic nozzle! LilliPad Marine’s nozzle is made of aircraft grade, machined-aluminum with a stainless-steel ball valve for exceptional corrosion resistance. This nozzle will provide decades of effective, no-drip fueling.


The ball valve allows a user to start and stop fuel from flowing or to minimize flow when fueling into smaller tanks such as a leaf blower or chain saw.


The LilliPad Marine Funnel is designed with a system that allows the funnel to be mounted to your dock or boat lift. With a mounted funnel you are left with both hands free to lift your gas can to pour fuel. Furthermore, if you have multiple boats or PWC at the same dock, you can purchase additional mount kits to allow you to move your funnel to different locations. The modular mount bracket is designed for use on flat or rounded surfaces, wood or metal, and quickly installs with just two screws. See our installation video.

Also suitable for non-marine applications.



The cabinet of the LilliPad Marine Funnel provides for seamless fuel transfer in a sleek and compact unit. The aesthetically pleasing design allows it to be mounted in a high traffic area such as a dock without degrading the landscape.


The LilliPad Marine Funnel is not designed to store fuel. However, if a user wants to fill the canister and then immediately dispense the fuel, the capacity is two gallons. Users may do this if they are wanting to top-off a tank or for filling small tanks such as motorcycles or push-mowers.


The Marine Funnel lid is designed to keep water and contaminants out yet allows fuel vapors to escape.


The lip of the LilliPad Marine Funnel has a cut-out which allows you to easily hold your fuel container in one position by placing the mouth of the can into the cut-out. Once your container is firmly in place the weight of the gas-can can be placed on the funnel rather than simply holding it in the air as you would need to do with a traditional funnel.

Commonly Asked Questions

Is this a gravity system?

Yes, the LilliPad Marine Funnel is a gravity system, thus the bottom of the funnel’s fuel reservoir (approximately 8" from the top of the funnel)  must be above your boat or PWC’s fuel fill. The funnel can transfer five gallons of gas in less than 50 seconds!

Is there a lingering fuel smell at my dock all of the time?

No, you will not have a lingering fuel smell at your dock. The lid of the LilliPad Marine Funnel is designed to allow fuel vapors to escape. With the heat of the summer sun and the venting from the ball valve left open, virtually all of the fuel smell dissipates very quickly.

I don't have a boat lift or a post for mounting, can you help?

Yes, we carry a Marine Funnel Post Kit complete with post and mounting hardware to make adding a post to any dock quick and easy.  Many customers also use this kit to add an alternate mounting location, often for PWC's, when their Marine Funnel is mounted to a boat lift.