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More Safety Tips of Boating with Children

From the moment you become a parent, you are in protection mode. Your job is to raise your child to the age of 18 and beyond, safely, securely, and lovingly. This is a non-stop job that is the hardest job in the world. Kids have no concept of safety, and consequences are something learned slowly over time. They have no concept of time either, nor do they have any idea how harmful things in our environments can be. It’s the constant job of a parent to educate children on the dangers of this world.


That being said, it’s also a parent’s distinct pleasure to share this world with their children, including the highs. Boating is a fun, family-filled activity that everyone can enjoy. LilliPad Marine wanted to help families enjoy boating even more by inventing the only boat diving board. Families tell us constantly how much they enjoy our diving boards for boats, and how they wish they had gotten it sooner. In this continuing blog series, we’ll take a look at more safety tips for boating with children. Visit our website or select dealers around the country for your LilliPad Diving Board today!




  • Educate your kids about the parts of the boat. LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best boat diving boards, notes that sometimes education is the best preventive measure you can take with any safety concern you have for your children. Teach your kids about the engine, propeller, bow, and stern, as well as specific parts of your boat, such as a ski tower or pontoon boat parts. Educate your children about the body of water you are going to as well. This is a great educational opportunity about marine life, the ecology of the ocean or the lake, and about water as well. If you are venturing forth on the ocean, make sure kids understand how jellyfish, Portuguese man-of-war, lionfish, sharks, water moccasins, and eels should be left alone. Just by knowing what things do (like the propeller spinning at a fast rate to power the boat) will help children understand why they need to stay away from it.
  • Switches and buttons are not to be pressed. For whatever fascinating reason, toddlers and other little ones are attracted to lights. On a boat, there can be many lights on your electrical panel, as well as switches, which should not be touched. LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best diving boards for boats, recommends that you don’t forget this important safety tip when teaching your kids about boating. This may be worth locking up if your kids are really too young to understand. Furthermore, make sure any outlets on board your boat are protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI), which protects against electrical shocks.
  • Always carry sunscreen and insect repellent. Safety on a boat includes protecting kids from the elements. Lather on the sunscreen and bug repellent as necessary. Getting burned at an early age or eaten alive on a boat can be a turnoff to kids wanting to go boating, so make sure you keep boating fun by protecting them from the elements. Rain gear is a great item to have in storage as well since it can become cold on a boat when it’s cloudy out, and it starts to drizzle. Blankets are great to have on hand as well since young kids are at risk for hypothermia if the weather does turn.

  • Always have an eye on your kids. Anyone who has had kids knows that they can disappear in a blink of an eye, even on a boat. LilliPad Marine, the maker of boat diving boards, recommends that you create a safe zone on board your boat, or a place where your kids can go and play with their toys so you know where they are at. Oftentimes, this is below deck if you have one, or in a corner where you can see them while boating. Boats can travel fast, and if a child falls overboard, it could be miles before you realize they are missing.
  • Practice what to do if someone does fall off the boat. Panic is a natural reaction, especially among children when they fall overboard. You’ll want to stay calm, and your child to stay calm. While on dock, you can practice what to do by simulating a rescue. You can even “fall” overboard as well, and let your child help with your rescue. This will make it seem like not such a big deal, and your child will enjoy helping you!
  • Take special precautions if you boat at night. LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best boat diving boards, understands the appeal of boating at night. With cooler temperatures and the stars to guide you, night boating can be just plain fun. However, with small children, it will be harder to see them. Invest in water-activated strobe lighting and locator beacons on your kids’ life jackets if you think you’ll be on the water a lot after dark.
  • Learn CPR, water safety skills, and lifeguarding. As a parent, brushing up on your CPR skills is a good idea, whether you go boating or not. However, if something does happen, knowing CPR, water safety skills, and lifeguarding can help in a serious situation — and can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Don’t drink alcohol while boating, especially with kids. While partaking in adult beverages is fun and relaxing, especially after a long week, it’s prudent not to do so while on the open water, especially if you have kids in tow. LilliPad Marine recommends that you save the adult beverages for the end of the day once you have docked.


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