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Pontoon Diving Boards and Boating Games

Pontoon Diving Boards and Boating Games

Typically, when you think about the games you can play while boating, you don’t think about games that you stand in the water to play. But there are games that you can play standing in the water. There are also several games you can play on the beach or even on your boat.

If you are like most boaters, you consider your boat an extension of your home. This is especially true if you own a yacht or pontoon boat. So when you are out on a trip with family or friends, you are planning for meals, entertainment and recreation. This means you are going to need some games that everybody can play. And while you can sit in the cabin playing Life or Go Fish, you will also want some games that can be played in the water or on deck.

Lillipad Marine, your source for pontoon diving boards, offers this fine list of family-friendly boating games to enjoy.

Cornhole In The Water

Do a little research on Amazon and you can find inflatable cornhole games that can be played in the water, on the beach or even on your boat. You play this inflatable cornhole game the same you would play the traditional game played on land.

Jousting And Water Chicken

The premise of water chicken is pretty simple; one team member sits on the shoulders of the other team member and attempts to knock the rival person sitting on their teammate’s shoulders off into the water. The team members use water noodles to get the job done. Just be careful as it is quite easy to get out of hand if you have overly-excited kids or competitive adults.

Floating Volleyball

This is the very same game you played in physical education class as a kid in elementary school except you are playing it in the water. The floating volleyball game is essentially an eight-foot-wide net attached to a floating base that you inflate. It does help to play in calm water and the net will tend to float around a bit, but it is a fun game that the entire family can enjoy.


The difference with basketball compared to the other water sports is that the hoop is attached to the boat as opposed to floating in the water.

Mega Checkers

There are times in life when you want your games supersized. The mega checkers game takes this popular traditional board game to a whole new level.

Pontoon Twister

If you have never played Twister on the deck of a boat, you have not lived life to the fullest. Throw in family members or a few friends, some sway from the waves and you are ready to experience one of the funniest games you will ever play.

Cannonball Contest

Without a doubt, a cannonball contest is a must when out on your boat. The game works best when you can catch air by using a diving board from Lillipad Marine. Order yours today.