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Pontoon Diving Boards and Flying

If you love to travel, you probably spend a lot of time at the airport.

The reason you spend so much time at the airport is that you have to get there six hours before your flight to get through security. Another reason you spend so much time at the airport is that your flight gets delayed or outright canceled.

We have something to tell you; sitting at an airport with nothing to do isn’t traveling, it isn’t pleasant at all. In fact, there is really not a whole lot of positive things we can say about flying.

Now, if you love to travel and you want to enjoy your trip, the whole trip, then you should consider traveling by boat. If at all possible, you should buy your very own boat.

Lillipad Marine, your source for pontoon diving boards, offers the reasons why flying is for the birds.


Have you ever heard anybody tell you what a wonderful time they had at the airport? No way, because nobody has ever had a good time at the airport.

Look, perhaps many years ago, airports were intriguing and probably exciting to visit. But today, most people are scared of airports, we are to be sure.

The biggest fear most people have with airports has to do with airport security. In addition to being a long process, there is always the chance something bad will happen. You might be the lucky one who gets strip-searched.

Even if all goes well through security, it is still a metal and physical drain and very time-consuming.

There are plenty of other gripes we have concerning airports.

For one, airports are like mazes and nearly impossible to find where you need to go without a map. There are always reports about people who get lost at airports and can’t get out. For real.

Airports are also incredibly busy and congested. If you love to people watch, airports are great, if you would rather just get to your destination, airports aren’t where you want to be.

Noisy Children

Moving on to the actual flight, not many of you can say you have been on a flight with no kids on board. Now, we are quite aware that there are very well-behaved children in the world, it’s just none of them are on your flight.
You can bet that there will be at least one child on your flight who is going to cause problems. There, in the next row, the red-headed kid is ready to throw a full-blown tantrum.

Lack of Comfort

Nobody has ever felt relaxed and refreshed after a flight. This is because it is very uncomfortable sitting on a plane, especially for an extended period of time. In addition to the lack of leg and feet room, you always manage to get seated next to some random overweight dude who takes up some of your personal space.

And it never fails, the passenger next to you always takes immediate control of the armrest.

Less Stuff

It is recommended that you pack all of the things you need for a comfortable trip. But if you are flying, you tend to pack as little as you can. One reason is the baggage fees, which are quite steep.

Also, if you are like most, you aren’t sure what is acceptable and what will get you searched by security.


Make sure you bring the big bottle of Purell on your next flight because you just never know what lurks on every surface in the airport and especially on the plane. The odds are pretty good that at some point during your flight, you will touch something wet that may or may not be water.

Schedule Flexibility

When you fly, you are at the mercy of their schedule. And a delayed flight can put your whole trip out of whack.


It’s not like they serve meals in coach. Which seems like a rip off as you are spending a lot of money and the most you get for it is a bag of pretzels and a kid-sized soda.

So we suggest you ditch the airport for a nice trip on a boat instead. Complete your boat with a diving board from Lillipad Marine. Order now.