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Pontoon Diving Boards and Mixtapes

Anybody reading this likely falls into one of two categories: Those who love mixtapes and those who have never heard of them. Of course, there is also a small group of people who know what mixtapes are, but would rather poke fun of the people who make them.

We are here to tell you that there is no shame in creating mixtapes. They are especially handy when you are throwing a party or having a gathering on your boat. A mixtape beats any radio station by a long shot.

As far as creating a mixtape, veterans of the hobby already have a formula for their success. Yes, we did say a formula for success, you can’t just mix a bunch of random tunes on a cassette or blank CD and call it a proper mixtape.

Mixtape virgins can find out all about making the perfect mixtape right here, right now. Lillipad Marine, your source for pontoon diving boards, offers tips on creating your mixtape masterpiece.

Length and Tempo

You need to seriously consider the length of your mixtape and the tempo as well. If you are making a mixtape for a party, the tempo should be upbeat, if the mixtape is for a romantic interlude, then slow it down.

It’s a good idea to have a bunch of shorter mixtapes when hosting a boat party. This way, you can change out the music often and offer different styles. For example, you could start the party with a mixtape of 1980s rock followed by a mixtape of 1990s dance music or whatever.

Your mixtape you make for your romantic interlude will need to be long as you don’t want to have to stop in the middle of your date to swap out tapes.

Whatever the tempo and length of your mixtape, don’t drop any songs that will put people to sleep, so avoid Air Supply and Journey songs.


When you are making a mixtape, you don’t want to drag people around too much. That is, stick to the top 40 styles of music and don’t include bands from obscure genres. If the first song on your mixtape is a Rolling Stones tune, the audience won’t be surprised if the second song is something from Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath.

However, throwing in a song by Cannibal Corpse will throw everybody off.

Plotting and Scheming

One of the first things you need to consider when making a mixtape is the purpose of the mixtape. For example, you could be making a mixtape for your boat party, a romantic evening with a loved one or a road trip. And in no way would you want to listen to the romantic mixtape on a road trip.

It is important that you mix the proper music for the environment. It is also important to realize that making a mixtape for your own personal enjoyment is much different than making a mixtape for a party or other activity where others will hear it.

While you might get into death metal or hard rock or whatever, you need to know that not everybody appreciates Cannibal Corpse.

Less is More

Be selective when choosing the songs to put in your mixtape. While some bands have some very good songs, not all their material is right for a mixtape. For example, you will want to avoid obscure songs that nobody has heard and you also want to avoid songs people here all of the time on the radio. So no Stairway to heaven on your mixtape.

Adding the Finishing Touches

Even the most mundane of mixtapes will benefit from having a name. At the very least, you should write a short description of the types of songs you have on your mixtape. For example, your mixtape could be named “1980s rock music for party” or “mixtape for date with so-and-so.”


You need to add some artwork to your mixtape. It is not necessary to create a fine painting, but at least scribble something cool on it. You should really put some effort into this as if the mixtape doesn’t impress people, at least the artwork might.

And if your boat party suffers because you created a bad mixtape, keep your guests happy by allowing them to dive off of your boat. Get you boat diving board from Lillipad Marine.