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Reasons to Begin Recreational Boating

In our on-going history series about recreational boating, we’ve been taking a look at how recreational boating has evolved. We learned that recreational boating truly began in the 1600s with King Charles II of England who loved to yacht on the Thames River that winds through London. Finally, in the early 1900s, with the invention of the internal combustion engine that was then applied to boats, more people were able to participate in recreational boating. And while recreational boating has had its ups and downs (mainly due to the state of the US economy), it continues to grow.

Lillipad Marine loves recreational boating — so much so that we’ve founded our company on creating products to improve your boating experience. Our flagship product, Lillipad Diving Board, is a patented boat diving board that can be used by most boats over 18 feet long and that have a great place to mount it. This adds hours of endless fun to boating. Our Marine Funnel makes fueling your boat easier, so you don’t have to wrestle with re-fueling. Our newest product, REVO ladder, is a boat ladder that makes it easy to climb in and out of your boat that is functional and convenient for use. In this blog post, we’ll take a final look at recreational boating today and a few of the reasons why you should begin. Visit us online today to see our wide variety of products and services and to get started!


More Americans are boating today than ever before. In fact, according to the 2016 Recreational Boating Participation Study, almost 36 percent of American households went boating in 2016, or about 142 million Americans. The majority of these had an average earned income of $100,000 with the average age of those having their first boating experience at age 12. Lillipad Marine notes that this is a far cry from the elite past time it began as. In 2017, a new record of recreational boats were sold in the US: almost $4 billion. This number is only projected to grow. The best statistic: 95% of boats on the water (powerboats, personal watercraft, and sailboats) in the United States are small, less than 26 feet in length, which are boats that can be pulled on a trailer. This number is frankly amazing.

Recreational boating is here to stay, and with so many benefits to recreational boating, such as health benefits and spending quality time with family, not to mention the pure joy of being on the water, recreational boating is poised to become a past time of choice for many, many more.


Try Something New 

If you’ve never been boating, it is definitely an experience you need to have. Every boating trip is different just like the waves in the water. You can go water skiing, tubing, or fishing on your boat, as well as jumping off with Lillipad Marine’s Diving Board. You’ll get to see hidden coves, go for a swim on a secluded beach, or just enjoy laying on your boat with the gentle rock of the waves. Bring a book, and relax all day long on a boating adventure.

Learn New Things

There is plenty to learn when you go boating, from reading the clouds and weather patterns to learning how your boat works and its capabilities. You’ll also learn what you like to do on a boat and what you don’t. Some people like to ski all day long; others just like to lounge around. This is where the different types of boats come in as well. Choose from speed boats to pontoons and fishing boats as you explore the waters near where you live.

Have Fun!

We’re all looking to shake up our weekly routines on the weekends, and what better way than a day on a boat?  From speeding across a lake at dusk to towing your kids in tubes, you’ll create memories to last a lifetime and may even begin to want to own a recreational boat yourself! And if you invest in our boat diving board, you’ll have hours of fun to enjoy.


Nature has a way of bringing us back to our roots, renewing our souls, and just giving us a mental break from our day-to-day lives. When you are out on a boat in the middle of a body of water, you can be all alone, away from the troubles of the world and your own. If you turn off your cell phones, you can completely disconnect and just enjoy the sun’s rays, the undulating waves, and the whispering woods. You’ll return from your boating adventure reinvigorated and perhaps with a new path or direction for your life. You’ll be able to think deeper, longer, and breathe in fresh, clean air.

Your Health

Too many of us sit in front of computers all day long, or sit at desks for the good majority of our days. When you spend your weekends outdoors, and one day boating, you’ll get vitamin D from the sun, resh air, and vital exercise to keep your heart pumping. If you engage in water sports, such as skiing, you’ll get a great workout in as well. Swimming or walking by the shore is great exercise as well. There’s no doubt you’ll burn calories just loading and unloading your boat as well.

Family Time

It can be hard to find wholesome activities the whole family can enjoy. With our interconnected world and hundreds of “friends,” pulling your kids away from their alternative world is increasingly important. Lillipad Marine, the maker of the best boat diving boards, notes that spending time on a boat with your kids is a great way to stay connected and hear all about their day. As your kids age, they tell you less and less, but when you’re stuck on a boat, it’s easy to talk about life, friends, and school. Turn off the electronic devices and just enjoy what Mother Nature brings. 


Lillipad Marine loves to see people enjoy all that recreational boating offers. From fishing and swimming to seeing lake wildlife up close and personal, boating is a sport the whole family can enjoy.

We offer boat diving boards for you to increase the fun you have while recreational boating. Our Lillipad Diving Board takes the cake for adventures and for fun ways to jump into the water. You can install one of our boat diving boards on any boat at least 18 feet in length and one that has a nice, flat space for it. Pontoons, houseboats, and motor yachts are popular to install a Lillipad Diving Board.

Made out of stainless steel hardware and urethane spring, our boat diving boards are built to last for years of fun, no matter how much you use it. These diving boards for boats will hold anyone up to 250 pounds, including children. As long as the water is at least 15 feet deep with no visible obstructions, you can use this boat diving board anywhere in the water. We offer a protective boat diving board cover, which we recommend using when the diving board is not in use. This will protect it while traveling against accidental incidents with low-lying branches. Our textured foam pads make this boat diving board safe and comfortable to use. By investing in an optional Stabilizer Handrail, anyone can easily climb up on this diving board. The Lillipad Diving Board makes the perfect gift for the boat-lover in your family.


When it comes to getting in and out of the water, many boats come with an incredibly small boarding ladder that can best be described as dinky. Lillipad Marine set out to create the best dock ladder and boarding ladder for your boat, and we believe we’ve succeeded in our REVO ladder. Extending an incredible 48” into the water, your boat ladder is easy to reach without having to pull your legs up so high. With our modular mounting system, you can mount our interchangeable docking ladder and boarding ladder in different positions to suit you and your needs. Our innovative retracting strap will eliminate cumbersome positions in which to retract your ladder. Simply pull on the strap and it comes up. No major upper body strength is needed, allowing even children and seniors to use this ladder effectively. With its ergonomic design and slip-resistant surface, this boarding ladder will quickly become your favorite. Order today for the boater in your family.


Spilling gasoline everywhere while you refuel is not only unpleasant, but it’s also bad for the environment. Eliminate fuel spillage with our Marine Funnel. Designed by boaters who were tired of spilling fuel, we’ve thought of everything in this design. A screen at the top of the canister eliminates splashing. A stainless-steel ball valve starts and stops the flow of gas at will. Our nozzles are not flimsy plastic. Instead, they are made of aircraft-grade aluminum. And our hoze is clear so you can see the fuel while you are transferring it. All of the kinks have been eliminated as well. With our flexible mounting system, you can use our Marine Funnel in many more applications than just for objects having to do with the sea. From ATVs to lawn mowers, our Marine Funnel can handle it all.

As recreational boating continues to grow, so too will Lillipad Marine’s offerings. We offer replacement parts to all that we sell, from replacement grip tape to our mounting kits. Check back frequently for new products. Visit us online today!