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Reasons to Buy a Pontoon Boat

It’s spring and your thoughts have turned from snow, cold and slick roads to summer, nice weather and buying a boat. Yep, it’s a thought that crosses your mind every year right around May and June. Perhaps this is the year you actually do more than just think about it.

With summer quickly approaching, there is no better time to buy a boat than the present. And while you are probably dreaming about a sailboat or sitting behind the wheel of a speedboat, you should seriously consider buying a pontoon boat.

Not everybody considers a pontoon boat for their first boat. Let Lillipad Marine, your source for pontoon boat diving boards, walk you through the reasons you should seriously consider a pontoon boat.


A pontoon boat will have you cruising through the water in style and comfort with a woodgrain steering wheel, vinyl flooring and enough room to have a full-on barbecue right on the deck.

Spending the day on your pontoon boat will make you feel like a VIP.

One of the advantages of a pontoon boat is that they are so stable, your ride is particularly comfortable. Plus there is so much space. Some pontoon boat owners have fire pits installed right on the deck.

Any friends you have join you for a boating adventure are sure to be jealous of your awesome pontoon boat.


You might not think it is a big deal, but pontoon boats have a lot of storage. When it comes to extra space on a boat, you don’t know what you are missing out on until you get a pontoon boat.

Between under the seat storage and multiple compartments, you will never have to leave things behind again.

Travel in Style

Pontoon boats allow passengers to stand up and walk around without having to step over things and squeeze between people. It is really like something out of a movie.

Pontoon boats have seats on either side of the boat, so you can sit and face others while having a pleasant conversation.

Easy to Maintain

Pontoon boats are built to last. And once you have purchased one, you don’t really have to do very much to keep it well maintained. And once you are done and ready to go home for the day, all you have to do is load the pontoon boat on the trailer and drive away. It is really that simple.

Social Events

If you are planning on hosting a social event. You should have it on your pontoon boat. Just think about the people you will meet and the friends you will make hosting parties and other events on your pontoon boat.

These are perfect boats for such events and a safer option than other types of boats.

Perfect for Fishing

The flat platform, the trolling motor and the easy access to all sides of the boat make a pontoon boat the ideal boat for fishing.

Go out and buy your pontoon boat right away. And then order a boat diving board from Lillipad Marine.