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Recreational Boating for the Masses

Lillipad Marine, a maker of the best boat diving boards, loves helping others enjoy their time on the water. Our boat diving boards are superb in quality and style, easy to install and use, and downright fun to jump from on a hot day. Able to be installed on boats with level platforms at least 18 feet in length, our boat diving boards offer spring-action fun for jumpers. We also offer boat ladders and marine funnels to make boat boarding and refueling exceptionally easy.

In our last blog post, we took a look at the beginnings of recreational boating and learned that for the most part, recreational boating was for the elite. You had to have enough money to commission a boat, as well as to outfit a boat with a crew since motors didn’t come around until the very late 1800s. However, once speed boats were invented in the early 1900s, recreational boating began to spread to the masses, which we will explore below. Order your Lillipad Diving Board for boats today!


After the ability to go 50 miles per hour in a boat became possible in 1911, interest in boating grew. However, it still took a couple of decades for boating to come to the masses. This was mainly due to world events.

  1. The World Wars prioritized freedom and liberty over freedom of the open seas. Most boating companies shifted to producing boats for the military.
  2. The automobile industry was just beginning to take off as their prices came down. Hence, many people who were interested in purchasing a boat chose to use their money instead on a car.
  3. The Great Depression for the most part ended most luxury spending for the vast majority of Americans.
  4. Boats were still not being mass produced yet, leading to costly custom boats that used luxury materials, such as mahogany wood and huge engines for speed.

It didn’t take long after the end of World War II for people to begin buying recreational boats again. The invention of fiberglass boats during the war made boats durable, cheap, and low maintenance. As the economy grew in the years immediately after World War II, so too did boating companies. Boat sales soared, and the modern age of recreational boating had officially begun.


The demand for boats skyrocketed in just one decade, and Lillipad Marine, a maker of the best boat diving boards, notes that the boating industry doubled, and boat manufacturers had a hard time keeping up with demand. Innovations continued to be made, as well as boat safety standards were put in place. Engines improved, as boat production showed no signs of slowing down. Boat trailers were invented as boats became smaller and as consumers wanted to be able to take their boats to other lakes and bodies of water than where they lived.

Recreational boating continued to rise in popularity throughout the 20th century. The world record for fastest boat was set in 1977 and still holds today at 317 miles per hour, which is faster than the world’s fastest car. Lillipad Marine, a maker of the best diving boards for boats, notes that jet skis, the first personal watercraft, came about in the 1970s as a result of the energy crisis.

However, like most recreational activities, boating took a downturn in the 1980s as the economy hit a recession. With rising unemployment and inflation, boating declined significantly, leaving the boating industry reeling. Mergers began as an attempt to survive. However, innovation continued with electric fuel injection boat engines.

The federal government didn’t help in the 1990s, passing a luxury tax on boats sold over $100,000. It was repealed in 1993. Boating slowly climbed back up, until the next recession hit again after September 11th. Many boat dealers closed their doors as consumers tightened their belts and their wallets. Lillipad Marine notes this was a low point in recreational boating history.


With our humble beginnings back in 2012, Lillipad Marine continues to offer boating innovations for the recreational boater. In 2015, our Diving Board was named the Best New Product for 2015 at the Northern Wholesale Marine Super Show, which is just one of dozens of awards we have won. Our patented design offers non-stop entertainment for the whole family, as these boat diving boards are made for anyone up to 250 pounds. Lightweight and easy to install, Lillipad Marine’s Diving Board will take your boating to the next level.

Our boat diving boards cancels the energy of the jumper by counteracting the force with the framework. This puts very little stress on your boat and keeps the boat stable when you jump. Your boat should be at least 18 feet in length and have a solid, flat surface for installation. When you jump off the dive platform for boats, ensure you are jumping into at least 15 feet of water for safety purposes. Made out of stainless steel, our boat diving boards are meant to last, and they will resist corrosion. There is excellent traction on it, so you won’t slip and fall while climbing up or while jumping. This boat diving board folds down nice and compact, so you won’t have to worry about it while docking or for transporting purposes. This one-size-fits-all boat diving board offers two different mounting hardware kits for installation to be sure you find the right fit for your boat.


Lillipad Marine is proud to introduce our boat boarding ladder, the REVO ladder. These boat ladders can be used either on your boat or on your dock or both. When extended, the ladder reaches 48” long, and it folds up nicely to 16” while in transport. Designed to eliminate stooping and kneeling, our boat ladders use a retracting strap that you simply pull on to pull the ladder out of the water. When using as a dock ladder, REVO ladders are low-profile, so as not to take up too much space on your dock. With our innovative retracting strap, even the smallest children can pull up the boat ladder since it requires very little upper body strength to do so. Made out of stainless steel, our boat boarding ladders are built-to-last, easy to use, and convenient.


Invented because we were tired of the cumbersome task of filling our boats, our Marine Funnel takes the hassle out of fueling. Splashing is eliminated with our screens, the hose won’t freeze nor kink, the nozzle won’t drip, and the ball valve won’t let you overflow while fueling. Every detail is perfect with our Marine Funnel. Our sleek cabinet lets you mount it at the dock and not mar the aesthetics, and the mounting system itself is made out of stainless steel. Fueling your boat is now quick and painless with the Lillipad Marine Funnel. You can also use our funnel to fill your other smaller equipment, such as your lawn mower, weed wacker, and ATVs. Lillipad Marine loves items that can be used in multiple ways.

Partner with Lillipad Marine for all of your recreational boating needs, extra parts, and supplies for our products. Visit us online today!