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Top 5 Safety Tips of Boating with Children

LilliPad Marine is the maker of the best boat diving boards. Our mission is for you to maximize your fun on your boat and with your family. There’s no doubt that our diving board for boats is insanely popular with children. Being able to dive, flip, and just jump in the water can provide hours of fun for your kids.


While we here at LilliPad Marine want you to have fun with our boat diving boards, we also want your kids to be safe. Thus, in this blog post, we’ll offer up tips on how to be safe while boating with children. Visit our website today, and order your diving board for your boat!




  1. Life jackets are a must. Personal floatation devices (PFD), or life jackets, are regulated by states. However, most states agree that all children under the age of 12 wear a life jacket while on board a recreational boat (this would not include a ferry boat, for example). This should just be common sense for parents. While there are many different kinds of life jackets for your child, LilliPad Marine, a maker of the best diving boards for boats, recommends that you choose one that has a head flotation (especially if your child is under 6), which will hold their heads up out of the water, a crotch strap if your child is a baby or a toddler so the life jacket does not slip off, and one that is bulky enough to self-correct. We also recommend that you test your child’s life jacket before you go boating, such as in a local swimming pool. It’s also a good idea to have a high-quality whistle (particularly one made for boating) attached to your kids’ life vests. Teach them if they fall overboard to keep blowing the whistle until help arrives.
  2. Swim lessons are essential. Many kids have an innate fear of the water. However, the earlier you expose your child to the water, the less this fear will become. Swim lessons are a great way to not only teach your child how to swim and water survival skills, but swim lessons get your child in the water at an early age, lessening any fear he or she might have.
  3. Invest in a first-aid kit. This tip goes for adults as well as children, but having a first-aid kit is essential for kids who are more prone to cuts and the like. Make sure your first-aid kit has all of the fixings for normal needs, such as band aids, gauze, antibiotic cream, and tape, but also you can purchase a marine first-aid kit that will have more specific items you may need while on the water, such as waterproof bandages, vinegar for jellyfish stings, tweezers for splinters, and more.
  4. Childproof your boat. Most boats are pretty tame when it comes to safety hazards. However, there are still areas and items you don’t want your child to get into. LilliPad Marine, the maker of the best diving board for boats, recommends that you walk around your boat and childproof it like you would your home with an eye out for age-appropriateness. Make sure doors are secure and locked if need be. Make sure all items are put away, including cleaning supplies. Check for slip hazards and install non-slip coatings if need be.
  5. Set clear rules and guidelines. Just like at home, there should be rules your child must follow while on the boat. LilliPad Marine, a maker of boat diving boards, advises that you discuss these rules before allowing kids on your boat. Some of these can include no running, always keep hands and feet inside the boat at all times, stay away from the propeller, and always have your life jacket on. You’ll want to emphasize safety here as the reason, but do so in a light manner. You don’t want your kids petrified of your boat before you even step foot on it!


Keeping Your Family Safe While Boating


Boating is a great family activity that you want to share with the kids. However, motorcraft and water can be a dangerous combination if kids aren’t taught about safety and kept safe.



LilliPad Marine wants to make boating fun for your family. That’s why we have put our hearts and souls into making the best boat diving boards for your family. Our patented boat diving boards provide hours of fun for you and your family. Made from the strongest materials and artfully made to install easily and melt seamlessly into your boat, these diving boards for boats fit almost all boats that are longer than 18 feet, including most pontoons, houseboats, motor yachts, and cabin cruisers.


Our boat diving boards are easy to use. Simply find a spot in the water that is at least 15 feet deep. Our spring-action diving boards will give you the bounce you need to dive and flip, but will put little stress on the boat itself, making hardly any motion for those still on board.


Our safety features take the cake, with traction materials and rail stabilizers for your convenience. Made with a quick release pin, you can adjust the tension on the diving board for the user who can be a child or an adult up to 250 pounds. Coming in an array of colors, your LilliPad Diving Board can be mounted where you choose, with two different mounting kits to choose from for your convenience. Installation is easy, and we offer many videos on our website with step-by-step instructions to help you along.




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